Why You Should Get a Free Online Competitor Assessment

free online competitor assessmentA valuable piece of information for any small business, but one of the hardest to find or to gage, is how your online marketing compares to your competitors. You could be doing things well, but could you be doing things better? Are your competitors doing things better, or doing things you're not? A free online competitor assessment is able to answer those questions.

A free online competitor assessment is similar to a website or marketing assessment in that it assesses your online marketing efforts, or how well your website is optimized for search engines or is social media friendly. However, the competitor assessment puts those statistics in comparison with your competition. You may have 500 Twitter followers, but if your competitor has 1000 followers, it's worthwhile to figure out if your doing anything wrong, or if they are doing something right.

The assessment specifically looks at how well you bring visitors to your website (through content creation, SEO, and social media), how well you convert traffic into leads and leads into customers, and how well you are already measuring your marketing successes and failures. All three elements are crucial to successful online marketing, not just the getting traffic and getting found part.

That's the great thing about a free online competitor assessment. It doesn't just tell you how well you're doing against your competition, but it also provides actions you can take to improve. After all, what's the point of knowing how well you are doing (or not doing) if you can't do anything about it? Knowing just one way to improve, whether that's starting a blog, or adding social subscription buttons, or improving the page titles and meta descriptions to your pages, can do wonders for your online marketing. It could also be the one thing that pushes your ahead of the competition. Why wait, or pass on a free online competitor assessment when you can do something right now to do better as a business?