Article Marketing & the Automated Article Writer

automated article ghostwriterI came across a blog post from a blog writing company that discussed the dangers of the automated article ghostwriter. The blog post explained that an automated article ghostwriter is a software or program that creates an article by pulling sentences that contain your keyword or phrase from all over the web and putting them together to create an article. This post warned that signing up for such a service, although cheap, is worthless because it creates poor quality content, which won't achieve the goals that you want to achieve with your articles.

I had never heard of an automated article ghostwriter before, and the blog post doesn't link to a company or page that offers this service. The closest I've come are those article spinning or rewriting programs that switch around words to create new articles (we dont' use these programs or "rewrite" articles in this fashion). So, I did a little research to see if this automated article ghostwriter exists, and if it is truly as horrific as claimed.

A quick search on Google (keyword used: automated article writer) did not yield any company promoting this service. However, there was plenty of discussion about the article spinning software mentioned, which doesn't quite work like how the original blog post described the automated article ghostwriter to work. There was no mention of the pulling of sentences from the Internet.

Most of the results were articles or discussion about the feasibility of the software, of which the overwhelming majority felt that the software and the process of spinning were a waste of time. The biggest problem mentioned with article spinning is that the quality is so poor that one has to go back and to edit it if you want something out of the process. Or else, the article will just be rejected by search engines and websites, or will come across as spammy and won't engage readers. Since that's the case, it's much easier to write an article from scratch.

Essentially, the original blog post can to the right conclusion about automated article writing, although the specific ghostwriting method or service couldn't be found. This does not mean that article marketing does not work. It simply means that articles need to be written originally by a human writer in order to produce quality content.

This doesn't mean that article marketing services are bad, or that article marketing as a whole is spammy or only generates poor quality articles. If done right, it can be a great way to bulid brand awareness and to position your company as a thought leader in your industry. To do that, besides having quality content, you need to put that content in the right places. To find out the best websites for article marketing, check out our white paper on the topic: