Business Blogging Help: What to Publish?

business blogging helpMost businesses aren't in the business of blogging and producing content. This makes business blogging that much harder, since the writing needs to be well done, and engaging, and valuable to readers, even though the core to your company may be transportation services, or computer software, or home cleaning. One of the toughest aspects of business blogging is figuring out what to even write about. It's easy to write about your company's products, services, and newest promotions, but that's not what readers want. Readers need information that answers their questions, and moves them through the buying process. It needs to be educational. Readers don't want content that tries to sell them something.

If you need ideas for your next business blog post, then consider a few of these options below:

- 10 Things You Didn't Know About...: You fill in the blank. It could be your industry in general, or a particular pain point that your company solves, or a new industry trend.

- Customer Spotlight: Do a quick case study of your best customer. Make them the hero of your next business blog post!

- Write a Response: It could be to a post on another industry blog, or maybe to a blog comment or question. It could be a response to current industry news, or even to one of your own posts, offering a counterpoint. If you do respond to someone else's content, let them know you've written a response and share the link.

- Choose a Keyword: The keyword I chose for this post is "business blogging help", so I'm offering some business blogging help in this post. Keywords aren't only an easy source for ideas, but they are also great for search engine rankings!

- Check Your Email: All that info that you get from coworkers, competitors, newsletters, colleagues etc. contains a gold mine of possible ideas for your next business blog post. You can find areas of knowledge to cover, or answer some of the big questions being asked by your peers.

Overall, there are tons of topics and ideas that your company can blog about, much more than the obvious products and services. What have you blogged about that you found to be a hit with readers?

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