How to Blog: Amplifying Content

business blogging strategyAll right, you've been business blogging for a little while. Got some great posts up, posting regularly, tagging properly. Now, the next step with business blogging is amplifying your content, or getting the word out that you've written something new and you want people to read it. This is incredibly important because the mantra "write it and they will come" simply doesn't apply to business blogging. You have to take some time to let people know that you exist, and that you're writing great stuff.

Of course, one of the most obvious ways to amplify your content is through social media. Sending out the link to your latest post on Facebook or Twitter is good start. It gets your current network involved while making your content easy to share, if your friends and family decide to share it with their friends and family. Be a little careful about tweeting your links. New research has found that 90 percent of the tweets from traditional media contain links to their own content. Now, I'm not saying tweeting your own links isn't bad, and I know that bloggers aren't traditional media. My point is merely that if you're going to tweet your content, jazz it up a little. Make sure to tweet the content of others, or even just tweet status updates or facts relevant to your blog topic. It shows that you care about more things than just yourself.

If you want a little more help on how to amplify your content, then Josh Jantsch offers his content amplification system as some advice. He has a lot of good tips and techniques toward getting your content out there, and then participating in the conversation that happens surrounding your content in the hours afterward.

Another cool way to amplify your content is to send out a title or a lead sentence before you've even written anything. This can help generate interest when the post is actually published, and could also help in developing the content in a way that would attract and engage readers. Once it is published, another possibility for amplification is to comment on blogs and articles similar to yours, and then posting the link to your latest post. If you decide to do this, make sure that you actually contribute to the conversation, and not just use the forum or comments as a soapbox for your work.

Overall, the point is to do more than just write the post and leave it. Let people know about it. Take that extra step to draw a little attention to the good work that you do.