Why Keywords Don't Matter (So Much) in Business Blog Writing

keywords business blog writingNewsflash: If keywords are your number one priority when it comes to business blog writing, then you're priorites are all wrong.

Now, I'm not discounting the importance of keywords,and I am not suggesting that you shouldn't worry about keywords at all. I'm merely pointing out that other things should come first when it coems to business blog writing. What are some of thes other "more important" priorities? To name a few:

  • Clean, good writing
  • Strong, clear blog article headlines
  • Providing content your customers care about
  • Writing articles that educate rather than advertise

Why are these priorities more important than keywords? Because keywords won't mean all that much if these other priorities aren't given attention first. How much does it really mean if you're article ranks on the first page of Google, but is so poorly written that no one wants to read it in the first place? How much does it mean if you've optimized the right keywords, but the headline doesn't capture the readers attention?

Keywords will appear when you're writing is crisp and clear. After all, your audience is comprised of people, not search engines. If all you're doing is writing for the search engines by worrying about the keywords, and getting found, and spinning articles to boost your own rankings, then the actual humans who really do the reading won't be reading your content.