Why Article Marketing Isn't Dead

article marketing servicesArticle marketing has been perceived as this quick and easy method to build inbound links, to create content, and to boost search engine rankings. Spin each of your articles three times, submit each one to ezines and submission sites, and let the web traffic roll in.

However, changes in Google's algorithm has punished the old ways of article marketing, dropping the content sites in rakings and ruining the value of their inbound links. Article marketing seemed dead, as spinning and submitting no longer seems to be what works anymore.

But, article marketing isn't dead. It's only changing. Google is punishing the content mills and their poor quality articles. This simply means that small businesses need to adapt by producing higher quality articles (instead of spinning or rewriting them), and by publishing their content in other places (like on a company blog or in industry blogs). Article markteing, if done right, can still be an effective way to build inbound links and to boost search engin rankings. It's just not as quick and easy as it used to be.

Article marketing involves writing about more than yourself and writing for more than the search engines. Articles need to be educatonal and valuable to the reader. Article marketing will not work if the content is only valuable to yourself and the search enginges. it will not drive the web traffic you want if no one is engaged enough to read it.

Article marketing also doesn't have to be done by yourself. There are plenty of agencies that offer article marketing services, and can provide resources that may not be found within your company ie.e press connections, journalism-trained writers, keyword research and analytics. Using the article marketing services of another company will also open up your employees to focus on the core business.

If you already have an article marketing strategy, or want to get started, then check our white paper on the best websites for article marketing: