Want to Improve Your Business Blogging? Get a Free Blog Critique!

blog critiqueWhenever I get a new lead, or want to size up a competitor, or check in on another content marketer or freelancer, I always go to the blog. It's so telling of the person or company who manages it! Factors such as posting frequency, post topics, post length, style and tone all make an impression on me. I can't help but evaluate what the blog is doing well, what the blog is struggling, and how I could possibly help the company or content marketer with their blog.

So, why not let you in on what I'm thinking? I want you to blog better, and I really do think that most blogs that I see are capable of doing better. If you want, I'll critique your blog or blog post, and then write my comments in an upcoming blog post. Consider it some free help and consulting, and a way to gain more traction and to get more leads through your blog.

If interested in submitting a blog or blog post, please send an email to allison (at) stirringmediallc (dot) com. Include the link to the blog/blog post, as well as any questions that you want answered. I'll be putting up a landing page for this shortly, so it'll be easier to get your blog/blog post critiqued.

Another free resource you could use is our web assessment. Find out how you are doing with your online marketing, and how well you rank against your competitors. To sign up for the assessment, click the button below (this does include some blog critiquing, but it won't be as thorough as me taking a look at just the blog):