The 3 Best Web Apps for Scheduling Meetings

meeting appsMeetings are a part life, from meeting your first girlfriend to meeting your Maker; you’ll always be engaged in a meeting. Practical life is no different; everyone who works will have a meeting at some point; whether it’s a small business or a large organization, meetings are a crucial segment of doing business. But just attending the meeting isn’t the end of the discussion, meetings need to be scheduled, and that's often a bigger hassle then it needs to be.

Here are the three best web apps that can help you schedule meetings like it’s a piece of cake!

It is one of the simplest free meeting scheduler. It’s not packed with advanced features but it gets the job done easily. By following a few well-defined steps, Doodle lets you create a meeting poll that contains potential dates and times for the team to choose from, based on their availability. The creator of the poll is then presented with the results in a simple, yet sophisticated, manner. It’s worth a try if you’re looking for an easy-to-use meeting scheduler.

“Integration” should be Tungle’s second name. It’s a bit more complicated than Doodle, as it uses an advance calendar to schedule meetings and also has a feature that prevents double bookings.

Why did I give it the name “Integration”? Because this calendar can be synced with calendars from Facebook, Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal/Entourage, MobileMe, Lotus Notes, Blackberry, Windows Live, Yahoo, Plancast and TripIt!

The web interface offered by Tungle is as good as the mobile web interface. So whether you’re browsing from your computer or your mobile device, you won’t be compromising on any of the features.

This is another great web application to assist you in scheduling meetings easily. In a single email, propose up to 5 possible times that best suit you, and let the attendees of the meeting have their say by voting “Best”, “Yes” or “No”. Once done, leave the rest to Timebridge, as it automatically selects the best time based on everyone’s feedback.