4 Simple Ways Coworking Can Improve Your Productivity

coworking resized 600Working as a solo entrepreneur or freelancer can be lonely sometimes. Sitting home alone in front of a computer can get old really fast. Even going to the coffee shop can become, boring, too.

Many people choose to work for themselves, but that doesn't mean that they don't crave for more human interaction that a typical office presents. If you are one of those people, here's some good news for you: You can try out coworking.

Coworking involves a shared working environment wherein people can interact with one another but still work independently of each other. It's like a typical office, except that the people in this shared environment are not working for the same company.

It's easy to see why coworking is fast becoming a hit with many freelancers and entrepreneurs. Here are just some of the benefits of coworking on productivity:

1) Interaction

Working solo is rewarding, but it's not for everyone. Many people are discouraged from freelancing and running their own business just because they think that they'll be bored and sad after working alone for so long. Coworking removes this aspect because it allows different kinds of people to interact with one another. You no longer have to face just the computer in your pajamas. You can enjoy dressing up, going out and meeting new friends without sacrificing the benefits you get for being your own boss.

2) Networking

In a coworking environment, you'll meet other businesspeople who can be your valuable contacts. Your fellow entrepreneurs and freelancers can refer you to potential clients, ask you to work on projects with them, or give you tips and lessons. You can improve your working style by learning from their experiences.

3) Breathing space

In a typical office where everyone is working for the same company, competition is unavoidable, and so is politics. In a coworking environment, you can enjoy the perks of working at an office without dealing with the drama. All of you are working for different organizations, anyway, so there's no need to one up each other. It's such a great feeling to be able to work with others without having to deal with cutthroat competition.

4) Friendship

Maybe you just want to have more friends, and that's okay. Sometimes, you just want to have a drink and hang out at the end of a long working day as a way to recharge. Even if your fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs aren't working for the same clients as you do, they still have similar experiences which you can relate to, and vice versa.

Coworking is not for everyone, but if you miss the social aspect of work, give this a try!