Letter from the Editor - Where To Now?

two's company directionThe first week of Two's Company went smoothly, with some fanfare, but a lot of great results. Traffic has been solid for just one week of content, despite the amount of content being less than originally planned. This was achieved with little content amplification on our part, as we didn't share articles on social media or deliberately email them to interested parties.

With that solid start, we realize that our content must be valuable to someone, and will make delivering quality and engaging content our number one priority. Although we didn't start with our goal of five articles per day for five days a week, that is still our ultimate goal. At five articles per day, we can hopefully meet the needs of the freelancing, self-employed, microbusiness, and coworking communities in the areas of productivity, technology, marketing and finance.

Once we reach that goal and are able to maintain those five articles per day, we will plot a solid content amplification strategy and include more ways to add value to our content, and to add more valuable content. Our readers must come first, the prime directive of any sane and well-intentioned online publication.

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Happy Reading, and Happy Self-Employment!


Allison Reilly, Editor in Chief