Our Content Marketing and Business Blogging Goals for 2013

business blogging goalsWe previously talked about how to set your content marketing and business blogging goals for the new year, and hopefully you've set a few, or are planning to within the next few days. Therefore, it's only fair that we share with you some of our content marketing and business blogging goals for the 2013. Below are some things we hope to accomplish with our own content marketing and business blogging tactics:

  • Create Case Studies -  In 2013, four clients will make one year, so we're going to do a case study of those clients at the one year mark and chronicle what we implemented for these clients and the results of those implementations. It also happens that one client makes a one-year anniversary per quarter, so these case studies are easily spaced out for us.
  • Conduct a One Year Blogging Case Study – This is where we will blog every day for one year, starting January 1, 2013. This will be a brand new, separate blog, of which the point will be to demonstrate the power of blogging and what could be accomplished in one year's time. We will commit to blogging best practices, and through this experiment. The tag line for the blog will be “saving the world, one day at a time,” although with just a few days left until the new year, we still don't have much idea of what we will blog about.
  • Conduct Business Blogging Classes in the St. Louis Area – We've been in discussion with the folks at Dabble in starting beginner business blogging classes in the St. Louis area. We had hoped to do a class or two in December, but we had a hard time finding a good venue that wasn't pricey. We also wanted to find a venue that would also be friendly for other teachers to use, since Dabble is looking to establish in the St. Louis area and doesn't yet have any venues or any infrastructure set up here. We finally have a place or two in mind, so we can get those going once the new year begins.
  • Get the News Guru Blog Going – This is the second Stirring Media business blog that’s up and running, but it doesn’t get a whole lot of attention. We've recently gotten something up once a week for the past few weeks, but we want to get that up to twice a week (as best practices dictate) and be a resource for those who are blogging or who have an online publication to manage.
  • Continue Current Blogging Efforts on The Chief Editorial Officer – We want to keep that up by publishing three times per week. It’s been working well so far for us. One thing that we will try in 2013 is to create a larger variety of blog content, such as infographics, interviews, and original research.
  • Improve Our Emails and Lead Nurturing Strategies – We definitely need to work on our email marketing and lead nurturing tactics. We understand that they are important, but we don't have a whole lot in place, and what we do have in place isn't working all that well. One thing we need to do is have a lead nurturing campaign for every offer that we have on our site, so folks don't download something and never hear from us again. Another thing we need to do is get on the phone, and call our qualified leads to figure out their pain points and if there's any way Stirring Media could help.

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