October Business Blogging News Roundup

business blogging newsIt's halfway through October, and for a little change of pace, our monthly news roundup will focus more on business blogging and inbound marketing instead of content marketing. This is a direction that our target market is going, and we think it might be worthwhile to venture in this direction too, just to see what's there. Hope you learn a think or two from the latest inbound marketing and business blogging news, because we sure did! Enjoy!

Stop Writing for Google and Start Creating Content for Your Readers - Business 2 Community - Please, please, please just heed the advice of this headline! This is something we've been saying for a while, that a lot of marketing and business blogging folks have been saying for a while, and businesses still don't get it. Getting found is only half the story! The other half is what people will actually find!

How to Convert Casual Blog Visitors into Dedicated Subscribers - HubSpot Blog - There actually is a secret weapon to getting more blog subscribers. Yes, it involves telling people about your blog and encouraging subscriptions, but it's also about making it easy for readers to sign up. Introducing: the landing page. We just created one ourselves last we're already seeing some really good results.

Are You Still Making these Six Senseless SEO Mistakes? - Blueglass - SEO is a huge part of business blogging and inbound marketing. In fact, we've previously argued that business blogging is SEO. This articles outlines some myths and misconceptions people have about SEO, and they need to be cleared up so businesses can do SEO, inbound marketing, and business blogging right.

Six Ideas to Improve Your Business Blog - Spectate Blog - This article has some great ideas! Our particular favorite is revisiting older posts, since you can do a lot with those, such as updating them, writing a follow up, or doing a round up of your most popular blog posts!

Top 10 Ways to Fail Miserably with Your Blogging Efforts - Whole Brain Marketing Blog - Another great article, and you can consider this one having 10 more ways to improve your blog (by, of course, making sure you don't fail). Most of the time blogging efforts fail before they are even given enough time to succeed, and part of that is do to committing these mistakes instead of businesses taking the time to figure out what's wrong and doing something different or better. Before you drop business blogging and think it doesn't work, make sure that you're committing business blogging best practices and doing everything right.

5 Reasons Your Blog Isn't Attracting Inbound Links - Inbound Marketing Agents -  Attracting is the key word here. Too many folks want to get inbound links the easy way, instead of earning them. Anyway, we digress. Earning the links is hard, but not impossible, and here are five reasons why you might not be earning those inbound links. We'd also argue that it's not the end of the world if you dont' have inbound links. Simply creating great content will not only allow you to rank high, but in time, will get you those links you desire.

The Guide to Developing a Content Strategy for "Boring" Industries - SEOMoz - Okay, we couldn't resist with this piece of content marketing news, primarily because we don't think "boring" industries are all that boring. In fact, these sorts of industries are our favorite industries to work with, primarily because that "boring" mentally seems to hold a lot of these businesses and industries back from engaging in really good content marketing and business blogging. Here's how to do it well, and why it's so awesome.