How to Write a Press Release for Your Blog

press release for your blog Whether it's a business blog, a personal blog, or an online publication, writing a press release for your blog is a great way to create a little buzz and to build some referral traffic. Typically with news releases, the point is to get some media attention and to have the topic of your release covered by someone else. However, with a press release for your blog in online publication, the end goal is to get that news release in front of a lot eyes, the right eyes, so that they'll subscribe or at least read a blog post or two.

The Structure of  Press Release for Your Blog

If you decide to use a press release service to help you distribute your press release, that service may offer you some guidance on how to structure the press release for your blog. If you're not using a service, and are just going to write the press release on your own and to distribute it yourself, then structuring your release properly is important. Here are the major elements of a press release, appearing in the order they should appear in the release from top to bottom:

  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - This should appear in all capital letters, just like this, If, for some reason, you want the release to be released on a certain day, then at the top you can write, "ON EMBARGO UNTIL [INSERT DATE]". Yes, this ought to be in all capital letters as well.
  • Contact Information - This needs to be more than just the contact info for the blog or the online publication, but to a specific person in the case that someone would like to cover the release and ask a few questions. The contact information should include first and last name, address, phone number, and email, and in that order.
  • Headline - The headline can either be in all uppercase, or in uppercase and lowercase letter. It should also be in bold, but it doesn't have to be. If you need some guidance in writing a good headline, this article on blog article headlines offers some great tips. A press release isn't a blog article, but many of the practices of writing a headline apply to both types of content. A subheading would go right underneath the headline, but it is completely optional.
  • Dateline - Date - Lead Sentence - These three all appear in the first paragraph, in that order. The dateline, if you don't know, is the city of origin for your press release. Please put the city your blog or your online publication is based, or in what you city you are based. Do not put "the Internet," or "online" because the content is online. Date is self explanatory, and the lead sentence is your opening sentence.
  • Body - The main points of your press release. Keep both paragraphs and the press release short, no longer than one page (including everything prior to the body). Include a quote if possible.
  • Ending - The last paragraph should be a paragraph about your or the company. Don't forget to include the blog's or the online publication's website. Repeat a contact or other relevant source for further information.

What to Say in the Press Release for Your Blog

The tough part now is figuring out what to say in this press release, especially since you don't have a lot of room to say it. Essentially, you need to cover the "who", "what", "where," "when," "why," and "how" of your blog or online publication. Some good examples of information that would be answer these questions would be:
  • what your blog is about
  • who is the target audience
  • why does the blog exist
  • why should people care about the blog, or read it
  • when do you publish
  • who actually writes for the blog or online publication
  • where do you get your article ideas
  • where can people find your blog/articles
  • some of your most recent articles

Writing a press release for your blog or online publication is something that not a lot of people have tried, so it might be worth a shot for you, even if your blog or online publication has been around for some time. Overall, if you do write the press release for your blog correctly and excellently, then you at least have one more backlink and one more way for people to find your content online.

If you want some additional help writing press release, we have great Do's and Don'ts list for you to download. Learn a few tips in how to craft a press release that's filled with great content and follows best practices. Click the button below to download it.

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