How to Blog: Determining How Often You Should Publish Posts

You've made the decision to start blogging as part of your content marketing strategy. You've determined your niche, and maybe have even come up with a few ideas for blog posts. Now, after you've written a post or two (or even before that), you need to figure out how often you're going to publish posts.

There are lots of variables that go into this decision. How much time to do you have to devote to your blog? How long are your posts? How quickly do you want to grow? The answers to those questions will help determine the right frequency for publishing new content.

Let's start with the first question: how much time you have. This includes both time to write a post as well as time to promote the post and the blog in general. Yes, if you are at all interested in growth and visibility, you do have to do some marketing for your blog. So with this in mind, figure out how much time you have. If you only have five hours per week, then it might be best to do one or two articles per week at best. If you have two hours per day, then you probably ought to be publishing everyday.

Next, ask yourself how long each of your posts are going to be. Although it is good to vary the length and style of your content once in a while (by style I mean including videos or link lists), it's also likely that there will be an average or typical post length. For, the nitrogen tire inflation blog that I manage, it's about 400 words. This blog is creeping toward the 500-word average. Sometimes, this one might take a little while to figure out. But, if you know that you're going to do 150-word blurbs on breaking news for your blog, then that's something you could probably do at least once a day.

Third, ask yourself how quickly you want to grow. Essentially, the more you post, the more you grow. The more often that you post, the faster you will grow. Someone who posts three times a day will grow exponentially faster than someone who only posts once a week. There's even a big difference between once a week and twice a week. If you're blogging as a hobby, then maybe once a week will suffice. If you're a business with a lot of competition, then you might want to blog several times a week at a minimum.

Consider the answers to those three questions when determining the right frequency for your blog. But, whatever the frequency is, make sure to keep to that frequency consistently. Meaning, don't start off blogging once a week, and then only doing it once a month, and then blogging every other day. Imagine if a newspaper or magazine did that. One month, the magazine puts out one issue. The next month, three. The month after that, two. Would you want to read and to purchase a magazine with such a sporatic editorial schedule? Probably not.

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