Using Keywords to Find Blog Post Ideas

If you have a company blog, and you want to increase readership, or increase your search engine rankings, then a really good way to do that is to utilize keywords to come up with blog post ideas. I don't necessarily mean turning every single post into search engine optimized content, but even focusing on just one keyword per post, or one keyword for a series of posts, can really make a difference. This is a good idea that's often missed, since keywords are usually considered something you implement on home pages, but not in blog posts. However, once you know the niche of your blog, then using keywords for blog post ideas will help in writing about specific topics that people are wanting to know more about. It's also a great place to go if you are having writer's block on coming up with other ideas.

So, how do you know which keywords to use? Where can you find good keywords? Well, the best place to go would be Google's Keyword Tool. This tool allows you to type in a keyword, or your blog url, and it will generate a list of additional keywords for you. The first way, typing in the keyword, provides 100 different keywords related to what you typed in. Along with the list, comes an assessment of the competition (how many other sites are using that keyword) and how many searches happen with that keyword both globally and locally. Ideally, you want to choose a keyword that has a lot of searches, but not a lot of competition.

If you decide to type in your blog URL, you'll get a list that's similar in size, with similar information, but not necessarily the same keywords. The first method finds keywords that relate to what you typed in. The second method finds keywords that relate to your blog. Either way, you don't have to agree with the relativity, or even use any or  all of the keywords presented to you. The point of doing this is to generate blog post ideas, and perhaps increase your search engine rankings and readership while your at it. If you decide to use keywords to do this, you need to pick keywords that YOU think are relative to your blog and what you are writing. The keyword tool merely provides suggestions.