Content Marketing News Roundup - Quality Content Edition

content marketing news, It seems that what's trending in content marketing news is quality content. Whether it's quality content and inbound links, or how to create quality content, or why quality content is much better than having tons of content, its these general topics that are buzzing right now. In addition to what we've written in regards to quality content and inbound links, here's a roundup of the latest and great content marketing news concerning the big, big issue of quality content.

How Not to Steal People's Content from the Web - HubSpot - This is an excellent post about citations, and how to properly cite online. This is a must read for any business blogger, content marketer, or content purchaser. It just goes to show that Copyscape isn't enough to catching plagiarism.

Want More Links? Get Some Quality Content! - RankPop - This article does a great job of outlining why creating your own quality content is the way to go in getting more inbound links. This article also illustrates why it's in your best interest to pay good rates for good content. Very rarely does $2 get you anything good.

5 Ways to Get Stronger Links and Gain Website Authority - TMR Direct - Quality content is a great way to build inbound links, but it's not the only way to get legimitate backlinks. Don't forget some of the obvious, but white hat choices, such as directory listings, forums, and the links of your competitors.

Organic Search Traffic is More Valuable Than We Think - Smart Bug Media - This articles has some great SEO and lead conversion nuggets in it. One my favorites is that users took 2.79 interactions with your website before converting. So, before turning into a lead, visitors may have read a few blog posts, or checked out your service pages, or looked at a few of your free offers. Essentially, visitors don't automatically turn into leads.

Be a Brand Hero: Create Irresistible Content Every Day - Kuno Creative - Quality content is important, but it certainly isn't easy to create! This article offers great tips to creating that quality content regularly. As a creative pursuit, it can be tough to write wonderfully engaging content with every single post.

How to Keep Bad Headlines from Burying Your Content - Content Marketing Today - You can write the highest quality content in the world, but if your headline sucks, no one will ever read it. This articles provides examples of some horrific headlines, and somehow inspires me to do a list of my own.

5 Ways a Content Writer Will Improve Your SEO Results - Weidert - Granted, not every business has a writer on staff or has writing as one of its strong suits. That's what freelance writers and companies like Stirring Media, LLC are for! If don't have the time or the ability to write the quality content necessary for your website and/or business, then find someone who does.

The Content Debate: An Argument for Credibility - Beachhead Marketing - When it comes to content, it's easy to get caught in creating something that will go viral or get a lot of clicks. However, something that goes viral or gets a lot of clicks isn't necessarily something that is of quality. How do you balance the two? Which one should you ultimately go for?

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