4 Great Apps for Note Taking and Voice Recording

taking notesMany times solopreneurs and freelancers need to multitask—sadly, though, a task as simple as attending an important meeting or talking on the phone with a customer or client often doesn’t receive the focus that it should.

Fortunately, there are many voice memo applications available for the two leading mobile device platforms that can help “reconstruct” the contents of a meeting or a phone call. This allows you to function as efficiently as the corporate officer who has administrative assistants along to take notes for him or her.

Apple’s iOS devices (the iPhone and iPad) have some of the most popular voice recording and memo apps. The best of these is AudioNote, a combination notepad and voice recorder.

One of its best features is that it allows the user to write down and take notes while it records its subject. It synchronizes them for better access later on. For example, AudioNote allows meetings, lectures and even study sessions to be indexed.

Written notes are stored with recorded ones, so there’s no need to search through a meeting to find out what the client or customer had to say about an important point. If the notes were taken along with the speaker, AudioNote will take you to that exact point. Relevant parts of notes are also highlighted as the recording plays back.

If you didn’t or couldn’t take any notes, that’s not a problem either. Listen back at your own speed and take them as you listen.