Company Products, Services, and Features Make Dull Content

dull content

Is the content in your content marketing campaigns focused on your company's products, features, and/or services? If so, that could be why your demand generation campaigns aren't working or why potential customers aren't finding your content engaging or provocative.

According to a recent survey from Corporate Visions, 80% of B2B marketing professionals say their demand generation campaigns are ineffective or only semi-effective. Among that 80%, 37% say the reasons for the ineffectiveness is that content isn't engaging or provocative enough. The reason for this failure could be that 60% of B2b marketers say that their campaigns focus solely on company products, services, and/or features, instead of focusing on customer pain points, which is what potential customers really care about.

Demand generation success involves engaging content, and content that addresses customer pain points and moves potential customers through the buying process. Often, content needs to address customer pain points in order to be engaging to customers and potential customers. When it comes to demand generation campaign, content needs to avoid making the sale and ought to educate the person about how to solve their problem, and what they need to know about making this specific purchasing decision.

That switch in tone, topic, and focus will create the engaging content B2B marketers need to generate leads and sales. Quite frankly, potential customers don't care about your company or its features, products, or services. They care about their own problems and solving those problems. So, B2B marketers need to position themselves as the one who can solve those problems, as the one who has the right solution because there's sufficient understanding of the problem. Quite frankly, content about company products, services, or features is just plain dull. It will never engage people no matter how well it is written.

To engage customers and potential customers in a demand generation campaign, create content that's FOR them. Content about yourself is meant for you. By creating the content your potential customers need and want, you'll be sure to engage them and to come across as a resource and a thought leader, not another company with a sales pitch.