St. Louis Coworking Spaces Offer Great Benefits

st. louis coworking spacesAccording to Deskmag's Second Global Coworking Survey, 75% of coworkers have seen an increase in productivity since beginning work at a coworking space. St. Louis coworking spaces like Saint Louis Coworking enable freelancers, startups, microbusinesses, and telecommuters to get more done and to make more while doing so.

The values of coworking: independence, openness, and community are what drive coworkers to become, and to stay, part of the movement and are what drive coworking spaces to succeed. These three values may seem like values that clash with one another, but when provided in balance, a coworking space can manage nicely while making everyone happy.

For examplee, this survey found that 75% of coworkers around the world prefer either a mix of open and closed spaces, or open spaces with some private areas. To meet this demand, Saint Louis Coworking has a private meeting room specifically for phone calls and client meetings. This room helps coworking memebers to keep client confidentiality. The mix of open and closed spaces will also allow coworkers to work without distractions if needed. Other St. Louis coworking spaces include Nebula Coworking and The Hive @ 44 are already providing this essential coworking need.

Besides the values and the coworking space layout, coworkers also want interaction with others (84%) and flexible work hours (83%). The interaction with others is no problem, and is a great benefit for anyone working from a home office or in coffee shops most of the time. Plus, coworking spaces have the added benefit of providing printing, copying, and faxing services as well as the workspace. The interaction can come in a variety of ways, whether it's through events, daily professional networking, after-work socialization, or a combination thereof.