Why Can't I Talk About Myself in Business Blogging?

business blogging talking to customersIt's one of the easiest, and most tempting, thing to do on a business blog: talk about yourself. After all, it's your company blog. Isn't it supposed to be all about your products, your services, the awards you've won, the new people you've hired, and the latest even you've attended or hosted?

No. Why? Because you're readers and potential customers don't care. They don't care about your, or your company, or how great you are. They care about themselves, and the problems they have, and solutions to those problems. How do you prove to these people that you're great, and get them reading your business blog and interested in your products and services? Show that you understand their problems, and have the perfect solution for them. Key word is "show."

In content marketing and business blogging, you need to show in your content that you are the greatest at addressing those problems with the best solutions. You simply can't tell them that you're great, or that you're products are great. you need to show you are great by producing great content. Great content involves making the customer the hero of the story. Great content involves answering customer questions. Great content involves showing that you are great because you know that you're doing, both with your customers and in your industry.

Even through talking about yourself is a no-no on a business blog, those topics are still okay in other aspects of a content marketing strategy, such as online press releases. Those stories shouldn't be discredited, or shouldn't be considered bad stories. They are just not the stories that your readers or potential customers care about. Your customers and readers care about stories that can help them, and show them how you can help them.

Overall, the business blog isn't the place to talk about yourself. It isn't the place to produce brochureware. It may be your company's blog, but it's not for you. It's for your customers. Talk to your customers. Talk about your customers. It's who you're readers are, and it's who they care about.