Trends in Business Blogging from the GM of Typepad

business bloggingNot all bloggers are business bloggers, but any blog can be used for business and revenue. Jeff Reine, general manager of Typepad, explains in this interview how blogging can be more than a marketing tool and a revenue driver, but an artform. Business blogging is very similar to regular blogging, even though the topics and the goals may be different. Reine also goes over some of the trends happening in blogging, and how business bloggers can become better bloggers themselves. Other key takeaways from this interview with Shani Higgins, CEO of Technorati, include: - Status updates on social media sites are a great way to get your feet wet, and to learn to find your voice before jumping into the long form of blogging.

- Many business blogging platforms, including Typepad, have auto-syndication capabilities. However, a great headline doesn't necessarily make a great tweet, and Facebook has a status update along with the headline. Don't waste these opportunities to start a conversation by not taking the time to craft that tweet or status update.

- One of the biggest pain points for bloggers is audience building. It takes time, and does require a connection between the business blog and social media channels, in order to build that loyal audience.