Today Isn't My Poker Day

poker pocket aces

But I Wish it Was

I'm not tired yet, and Sean has already gone to bed. I want to play poker, maybe a tournament or a sit-n-go or two, but I don't want to be up too late as I have to do work tomorrow. My poker days are usually Thursday, Friday, and Sunday because that's when I've scheduled my poker. It's weird, I know, but I pretty much fill my schedule a week in advance. My computer has also been weird today, as my desktop hasn't been refreshing on its own when I move/rename files, and my Google Chrome has had trouble all day loading new tabs. I did have trouble over the weekend with a horrible server connection, although I can't blame that one on my computer. Perhaps this is a classic case of, "one thousand reasons not to do something." But, perhaps some of those one thousand reasons are reasons I should strongly consider.

Bad Run This Weekend

Yes, indeed. It felt like I was getting outdrawn every single time. It's just one of those runs! There were a couple of misplayed hands, I admit, but as a whole things were just unfortunate with me having the best hand pre-flop and then getting outflopped or the villain hitting their card on the turn or river. It really sucks, but it's poker, and the trick is determining when you are running bad or just playing bad. Sometimes, if you're not careful, running bad can turn into playing bad. I feel like this particular time was a little bit of both. I also admit that prior to this run bad I did have a streak of run good. I won a tournament two weeks ago, and won about four heads-up matches in a row. You don't do that if you're not playing well, but you also need a little luck on your side to do that too.

I will Be Going to Vegas in March!

I am excited to get some live experience in, finally! I'll be staying at the Orleans, so I at least know I'm going to play one tournament in their poker room. First prize is usually around $6500 for their 7 p.m. $125 buy in. OMG that would be amazing if I was able to win that. Depending on how I do in my first few attempts (hopefully I can win something at least once), I can play tournaments at some of the other casinos, such as the Rio, the Venetian, the Aria, or the Bellagio. Okay, maybe not Bellagio, because I just checked their buy-ins and their cheapest buy-in is like $250. Granted, I'll certainly have that if I win one at the Orleans, but I don't know if I'd be ready for a $250 buy-in yet. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the trip.

Until Then...

However, it's not March yet, so I am left practicing online. I should make it a point to go to a local casino and play in a tournament, at least once before I go. That way, I'm not going to Las Vegas completely inexperienced. My business coach also suggested that I find a poker coach, so I need to do that too. I did a quick Google search and I didn't like what appeared on the first page. I'm not sure if I want to go through a poker coach directory, and I certainly don't want to go through a poker coaching site. My coach also suggested that I find a live coach, not someone who will coach online. I'm not sure what to do here. Maybe if I make an awesome run for it, someone will volunteer to coach me.