Blogging Trends Article Roundup

blogging trendsContinuing with this week's theme, today's example is a roundup of the best articles we have about blogging trends and trends in blogging for business. Business blogging is changing frequently, and 2012 saw several major changes to the connection between blogging and search engine optimization. Not sure what you need to know to blog at your best? Then catch up with the latest blogging trends in this roundup. Enjoy! Business Blogging Trends: Is It on the Way Out? - Is it really a business blogging trend that business blogging will be no more? I don't think so.

Trends in Business Blogging from the GM of Typepad (Part 1) [Video] -Business blogging is constantly changing. Learn what's around the corner from Jeff Reine, general manager of Typepad.

Trends in Business Blogging from the GM of Typepad (Part 2) [Video] - Learn more about business blogging trends in the second part of this interview with Jeff Reine, general manager of Typepad.

Why You Should Have a Blog for 2013 - Does your company not yet have a blog? If not, make it a New Year's Resolution! Here's why you need a corporate blog in 2013!

Business Blogging Trends from the Product Manager of Blogger [Video]- Business blogging is a constantly changing world. Learn how its changing from Google's perspective in this video interview.

Blogging for Your Business: How Long Should a Blog Post Be? - When blogging for your business, you ought to create 600-800 word posts to ensure that your provide value and quality.

7 Mistakes Businesses Make with Their Business Blogging - Are you making these common business blogging mistakes? We hope not, although we see these mistakes all the time!

Is There Anything that Shouldn't Go in Corporate Blogs? - Is there information that you should avoid in business blogging? Information that needs to be kept from competitors? We think not.

5 Common Misconceptions Businesses Have about Business Blogging - There are lots of crazy ideas about business blogging! Here are five common misconceptions that we'll bust right here, right now!

How to Make Your Business Blog a Trusted Source of Information - Business blogging is a great way to build trust with your readers and potential customers. Ensure that your blog comes across as trustworthy!

3 Things Google Says About Great Business Blogging - What does Google have to say about great business blogging? And what it takes to rank? Find out the three things!

How to Blog: The Future of Business Blogging - What's the future of business blogging? Will more companies blog in 2012 and 2013? Will the way they blog change?

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