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How Business Blogging Generates Better Qualified Leads

business blogging lead generationA problem that a lot of businesses have is generating qualified leads. By qualified leads, we mean leads of potential customers that would be a great fit for the business, leads that actually want specific services that you offer, or leads that have a pain point that you solve. Qualified leads are leads that if you spend the time nurturing them, they could be a great customer. But, not all leads are like that. So, how do you get these types of leads, and how do you get more of them? We suggest business blogging as a great way to start, and here's how business blogging generates those better qualified leads that every business needs and wants.

Create Content That Targets These Qualified Leads

What makes these leads much more qualified than others? Are they a certain type of company/person? A certain size? Do they have a certain need, or a certain pain point? Whatever it is, make sure to create content in your business blog that addresses the issue(s) that sets these leads apart. If they have a certain pain point, then talk about how to solve that pain point. If they are a certain type of company or a certain size, then make sure its obvious in your blog post headlines, subheadings, meta description etc. that the particular post is mean for those types of companies. By creating content for those that would make great leads, you get the right people reading and converting on your website.

Include a Call to Action to Convert These Leads

The best way to generate qualified leads through the business blog is to have a call to action, at least one. This call to action can be in the sidebar, at the bottom of the post, or even at the top of the blog as a banner. If you're simply relying on these qualified leads converting by filling out your contact form or giving you a call, then you're not going to get that many leads, as that method only gets those that are ready to buy. Not everyone is ready to buy, especially those that are reading your business blog. So, providing a call to action to download an ebook, or to attend a webinar, or to subscribe to your business blog, can go a long way in not only engaging those you want to become qualified leds, but also in providing you with information to aid in nurturing these leads and in turning them into customers.

Your Potential Customers Want to Work with the Best

Business blogging also generates better qualified leads by positioning your company as an industry leader, and by building your online authority. Granted, you need to be blogging at least twice a week so as to build and to maintain your online authority in your industry (otherwise, it either takes a really long time or you don't ever demonstration enough authority to earn it and to keep it). By building and maintaining your online authority through business blogging, you attract the attention of those qualified leads, those who are salivating for great content and who want to work with the best and the most knowledgable in the industry. If that's not you, then you only it up for your competitor to be that thought leader who's going to attract the qualified leads.

Overall, generating quality leads is about providing value, and business blogging is an excellent way to showcase the value you offer and to create content that would be of value to those you want to become leads. If potential customers don't believe that you offer value, then they aren't going to become a lead, and they sure aren't going to want you to "nurture" them in any way.