You Asked a Content Marketing Question. I Answer!

content marketing questionI received my first content marketing question from a hankins through my "Ask a Content Marketing Question" portal. If you ask a questions, I'll take the time to answer. Here's what was asked:

Rolex is an expensive brand of watches. The company has a policy of only having one or two dealers within a given large geographic area. Buyers of Rolex watches will travel to acquire just the right watch. This is an illustration of which level of distribution intensity?

It may not seem like this question has anything to do with content marketing, but distribution intensity does have some relevance. First of all, the Rolex example is an example of 'exclusive intensity' or 'exclusive coverage.' Since Rolex watches are such a high end product, customers are discriminatory in their tastes and expect a high-level of customer service from their Rolex dealer. Because of this, Rolex isn't going to let just about anyone distribute their product, and will keep things as exclusive as possible in order to increase the value of a Rolex watch.

Second, distrubution intensity relates to content marketing in that content is something that is distributed, and can fall under all three levels of distribution intensity: mass, selective, and exclusive. This content marketing blog, for example, has a selective distribution coverage because its targeting a specific market and the articles can be found in only a few select places (there are websites that syndicate this blog). Some of my other content, such as my email newsletter, would be exclusive distribution since its only available in one place (my email list) and will only go to a select number of people. The only content I can picture being mass coverage is a newspaper or magazine.

That answers this content marketing question. If you have one of your own that you'd like answered, please send it to me below. I might just turn it into a blog post: