Recent News - Week of July 30

freelance newsEvery Wednesday, we will do a roundup of news that we feel would be of relevance to our readers. These articles come from other sites, as we cannot possibly cover anything and everything that would be of interest or relevance.

Down with Spamographics - - Infographics are very much a part of the content that's produce and consumed online. And, just like websites, blogs, and emails, they can be spammy too. What constitutes a spammy infographic? How do they differ from good infographics?

The Surprising Reason Why Freelancers Fail - Freelance Folder - We firmly believe that freelancers ought to be freelancers full time, as doing so part time only makes it harder to prioritize clients, marketing, and improving your craft. If something's holding you back from freelancing full time, it could be the reason why your freelancing career never takes off in the first place.

4 Ways to Beat the Walmart Effect on Pricing - - Price is one of the biggest hurdles for freelancers to overcome. How do get what you deserve while competing against thousands of others across the world who do what you do for less? This article suggests that it's a matter of offering much more than quality writing.

Spill It: Is All Your Work Created Equal? - Freelancedom - Part of freelancing is that you have to do everything: accounting, marketing, maintenance, inventory etc. All the work doesn't necessarily lead to dollars, although if you don't do those things, you won't be making as many dollars as you'd like.

Three Variations on Freelancing. And How to Nail Them. - Freelancery - Who said there is only one way to freelance? Well, there isn't. However, whichever way you choose, make sure you do it well.

Lead Generation Made Simpler in 10 Ways - Ajeva - Lead generation isn't usually the first thing you think of when you think of freelancing, or even begin freelancing. Yet, if you don't have leads, then you either aren't marketing, or something is wrong with your marketing. After all, that's the point of marketing: to get leads. You have to turn those leads into customers in order to make money.

3 Reasons Your Blog Should be Part of Your Main Website - TMR Direct - This is a mistake a lot of freelancers and small businesses make. They set their blog up on something like Wordpress, Blogger, or Typepad, only to keep the wordpress/blogger/typepad domain name or go with a whole new domain name all together. This completely ruins the search engine optimization benefit of having a blog, among other things.

Freelance Myth #1: Getting Your Name Out There - Freelance Unleashed - Yes, it's important to market and to build brand awareness, but it's also important to market and to build brand awareness with the right people. Just who are the 'right people'? Your target market. The ideal people that you want enlisting your services.

How to Survive Your First Year as a Freelancer - Freelance Advisor - The first year is always tough. It's the year of making mistakes and learning from them. It's the year of building credibility and building a brand. It's the year of not making a whole lot of money, and finding ways to scrape by and stay motivated.

Working Through Illness - All Freelance Writing - Another tough aspect of freelancing: what to do when you are sick. You can't exactly close up shop. Clients are waiting on their work and this is your only source of income. However, your sick, and you can't necessarily guarantee your best work when you are sick.