7 Things to Do After Publishing Your Blog Post

business bloggingYou’ve published your blog post. Great! But that’s not enough! You need to amplify your content and take action to ensure that your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. You need to let people know that you’ve published this post, and why they should read it. Here’s a list of seven things you should do after you publish your blog post (this applies to each and every post you publish):

1 - Customize Each Status Update:

Make sure you choose the best time to post your updates. You can find the best times to post using your analytics tools. Also, just adding a link of your article to your updates won’t work. You need to add some meaningful headline or a teaser to intrigue your readers to read your articles (which should be tailored to each social media channel). Don’t be afraid to share the post more than once, but not more than once in a single day.

2 – Bookmark Your Content:

Use the most popular bookmarking sites to bookmark your posts as it can drive a lot of referral traffic for you. Here’s an example: a post on a painting that was sold for millions was posted to StumbleUpon, and received over 400 page views in just two days. If you don't like StumbleUpon, another great site for bookmarking is Blog Interact.

3 – Comment on Other Blogs:

Providing valuable and healthy contribution on popular blogs can be a great way to generate traffic and develop good relations. However, don’t just post a link to the blog post and use the comments section as a personal soap box. Make sure it contributes to the conversation, and explain how and what your blog post adds to that conversation.

4 – Contribute on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has two places that are great for amplifying blog posts: Groups and Answers. Share your blog posts in the groups that you are a part of, or better yet, use them to contribute to discussions already taking place. In Answers, use your blog post as a way to answer someone’s questions. The easiest way to do that is to find a question you can answer in your blog, answer it, and then share the post when it’s done.

5 – Add Latest Blog Post To Your Email Signature:

Here’s an easy and fruitful technique that will get you some traffic. Using Wisestamp or any similar app for your email platform will automatically put your latest blog post in your email signature. That’s certainly a lot cooler than just having a link to your blog, since nearly everyone else has a link to their blog in the email signature. Even though you are using the app, having the latest post makes it look like you are very organized.

6 – Target Leads and Customers:

If your post is something people are looking for, then why wait? Send it to them! Turn that blog post into a quick lead nurturing email, or as a nice way of saying, “I’m still here!”

7 – Repurpose the Blog Post for Other Content Avenues:

If you have a newsletter, then add your blog posts with little teasers and catchy headlines. Compile several related blog posts into a white paper or ebook. Use the blog posts as topics of discussion in a webinar, podcast, or video. Allow other blogs to share or to reprint your post. No one said that once you write a blog post, that’s it. Make them work for you over and over again.

When you publish a blog post, the next step is to amplify it! Be proud that it’s published and share it with the world. It’s not going to do much if you simply hit “publish” and forget about it, moving on to the next one. The amplification not only brings you more traffic, but the comments and discussions that come from your post could lead to ideas for future posts and even more buzz about your blog in general.

This is a guest post from Farhan Niazi,