Recent News - Week of July 23

freelance newsEvery Wednesday, we will do a roundup of news that we feel would be of relevance to our readers. These articles come from other sites, as we cannot possibly cover anything and everything that would be of interest or relevance.

How to Launch Your Freelance Site, Step by Step Guide - Freelance Switch - An incredibly detailed guide to launching your freelance site. Since we just went through the same thing, as well as a site redesign, this article would have come in handy for us about a month or two ago.

10 Painful Mistakes that Cost You Freelance Work - Freelance Folder - These may seem like simple, obvious mistakes that no one would do, but you'd be surprised how many freelancers actually make these mistakes. Don't be one of them.

How to Protect your Online Identity - Freelance Folder - This article is a nice compliment to our reputation management article from yesterday. Identity theft is important and serious stuff that all freelancers and solopreneurs ought to be aware of.

Six Client Tricks that Manipulate Freelancers - Freelance:UK - Clients can be mean sometimes! Either that or freelancers could use a bit more backbone. After all, freelancers are a business too and ought to treat themselves and their work as such!

How to Let Go of Having it All - Freelancedom - Being able to have it all is tricky, and has become somewhat controversial recently. However, it's important to ask yourself what it means to have it all, and if "all" is as achievable as we hope.

Q/A: Turning Down a Client You Don't Want - The Freelancery - It can be tough to turn down work, especially if you really need the income. However, there are clients that won't be worth the time, or a project will just be much more hassle than the client realizes. But, it's much better for both parties in the long run to not start the business relationship in the first place.

What Does Your Social Media Strategy Say About You? - Danielle McGaw - All freelancers and solopreneurs needs a social media strategy. Social media is much more than using Facebook and Twitter as your personal soapbox. Think about your strategy, and what you are sharing on these sites. There might be better ways to get more followers and to engage them better.

Affirmations for Freelancers - Profitable Freelancing - Freelancing can be tough! The fits of feast and famine, difficult clients, late payments, doing everything yourself etc. Things can get overwhelming. However, a few good affirmations along with some strong positive thinking can really work well to motivate us and to improve productivity.

The Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid - OpportunitiesPlanet - SEO is an important component to online marketing, and freelancers and solopreneurs need to be marketing all the time. This is an important read since Google made some recent changes to their algorithm, and that common beliefs about SEO may not necessarily be true anymore.

How Freelancers Can Increase Customer Loyalty in 10 Ways - Ajeva - Customer loyalty is important for freelancers, as regular work means that much less time can be spent chasing more clients and worrying about income consistency. These tips definitely help, but nothing beats finding clients that want regular work in the first place.

Freelancing: A Complete Guide to Setting and Negotiating Rates - - Setting and negotiating rates is one of the toughest aspects of freelancing and being a solopreneur. You don't want to charge too much to scare away clients, but you certainly want to get your money's worth and be able to pay for what you need to pay for.