8 Best Practices for Writing Press Releases

press release best practices, Never underestimate the power of the press release. It is a great publicity tool that can bring attention and recognition to your business when done right. A good press release can launch your business to success. However, a bad one can sink it before it even gets the chance to sail.

It might be stressful to think that something seemingly simple has that much influence on the fate of your business, but don't let the pressure overwhelm you. A press release isn't a novel where everything relies on your imagination. On the contrary, a press release is based on news and facts. It also has a structure and flow to it. It's just a matter of learning that before you dive into writing. To get you started, here's what you need to know:

1) Choosing a topic

Not everything is worth writing a press release for, so it's up to you to choose a topic that's interesting and timely enough to attract a lot of people. If you're unsure what to pick, review what's hot at the moment. What news items are getting a lot of buzz? What's currently viral? What are people talking about? From there, you can have a clear picture of