Poetry Saturday: Movement II

I also wrote this poem for my poetry class at SLU. This poem is much more reflective of my poetry writing style: short lines, short verses, nouns turned into verbs, cutoff words, obscure culture references. Don't remember the assignment or the story behind this poem. It's been so long that I probably won't remember the stories behind many of my poems.

Movement II

I hear a song,

a floutist serenade

the eyelids fall

and I drift deeper

to dream of better things


A soothing, softly wind

I float to clouds

with freshened wings.

I fly, blown over,

the beauty below


like the rich Italian field

flowing of reeds and flowers

to the wavy hills,

washing with the hues

of European spring


and the restaurant at the river,

a glistened shore by moonlight.

Couples warm the ambience

woven by Debussy’s

celloed yarn


and with me

are the birds,

they sail

in their brethren

to the ‘rizon


Then, the sunrise

the eyes of Ra upon the sands.

Wake, I must awaken,

land, release my wings,

emerge from slumber