Poetry Saturday: 7777777

If I remember correctly (which is about a 50/50 chance here), I wrote this in high school in the middle of class. I think it might have been my fiction writing class during my senior year. Unfortunately, I can't verify the timeline. All the Word documents are time stamped with the same date (July 25, 2011 - the date I purchased my new computer and transferred everything to it from my old Mac). I also didn't date a single poem in my notebooks. The best that I have is that I know the order in which I filled those notebooks. I still have notebooks that I have yet to fill.



The square root of 7 is 49,

again, again and again

doubled, repeated,

again, again and again.


The grand confusion of the 7

and its children

more and more sevens

again again and again.


Invisible is the cycle

and the rain

and the storms,

but their thunder ain’t excluded.


Feel the thunder

the strike of the lightning

both of them,

again again and again.


The mind’s eye sees the rumble,

the cycle,

the mean annual rainfall,

the children of the seven



and again.


This is the world I live in.

7 times 7 is 49

again again and again.