Our Top Content Marketing Posts for 2012

most popular content marketing postsIt's been one whole year of business blogging, with over 150 posts published this year! Our goal for 2013 is to publish at least 200 blog posts. But, in the meantime, we'd like to collect  our most popular content marketing posts for the year in one place. All of these posts were actually published at least six months ago, and still continue to be worthwhile and relevant to people, so let's give them a little bit of extra exposure before the new stuff starts coming in (and maybe some awesome follow ups to these popular posts). Below are the 10 top content marketing posts for 2012:

How the Buying Process Affects Your Content Marketing - Each customer goes through a buying process before making a final purchase. Find out how to align the process with your content marketing strategy.

How to Blog: 4 Quick Tips to Writing Meta Descriptions - These 150 characters are vital in learning how to blog and to any business blog post. Learn a few tips to make them the best they can be.

The Difference Between Advertorial and Editorial - What's the difference between advertorial and editorial? Learn the difference, and how it could boost your content marketing strategy.

5 Business Blogging Best Practices - What are the best practices for business blogging? Here are five that incorporate Google's algorithm changes.

An Introduction to Trademarks - Many don't realize that some generic terms are still trademarked, and ought not to be used. Here's a quick guide to trademarks.

How to Make Your Blog Article Titles More Search Engine Friendly - Blog posts not ranking on search engines? The problem could be the blog post title. Here's how to make them more search engine friendly.

The 5 Ws (and H) of a Content Marketing Strategy - Great content is only half the story. Businesses need a content marketing strategy that will amplify great content and provide results that matter.

Content Marketing Tech Tool of the Week: Klout - Klout is a great tool to use to measure your social media influence. It's an important aspect of content marketing.

How to Blog: Tagging - Tagging is an important part of learning how to blog. Here is some basic information about selecting tags, and what they really mean to a reader.

How Copyscape is Fraudulent on Plagiarism and Content Fraud (Part 1 of 3) - Copyscape (and tools like it) aren't as reliable as some would like to think (and hope). Here's why.