One Idea into 20 Pieces of Content

i am grumpyThat was the inspiration to try and to come up with additional value for my clients with the content I am already creating for them. I wanted to come up with additional angles, additional types of content, additional research that could be used to talk about topics that I've been talking about for months and months now. However, I can't find the source of the idea, "20 pieces of content from one topic/idea". I thought it was in the book I just finished reading, but I conducted a search through it on both Google Books and on the Kindle and I go nothing. I tried a Google search and I can't it in any of the results that come up. I swear I didn't imagine it, but I can't find or remember the source.

Now, I'm Grumpy and Tired

I've been grumpy for the past two-and-half hours. I had high hopes for the latter half of the day. I still do, but now I'm tired and finicky and really want more coffee at 6:35 p.m. I still want to work, and there's still work to be done, but my brain is mush. I need to take a break so I can refocus myself. Fortunately, Sean is starting to play Age of Empires II. That is always fun to watch. I will do that and come back.

I'm Also Frustrated about This Pen

I'm really weird about pens. I like to use only a couple of pens at a time, use them all up before I replace them. I currently have 50 or so replacement pens right now. I'm also particular about which color I use where. My planner calls for a blue pen, as does my reporter's notebook. I like to use a black pen when I sign things and when I write letters for Amnesty International. I do this because pens have power. They are mightier than the sword so it's important to concentrate that power in a few select places.

Now, I'm frustrated about this specific pen because I think it's supposed to die already and it hasn't yet. On top of that, I can't tell how much ink is left and it doesn't have a cap. So, I can't bring it with me everywhere because it will muck up things. Therefore, I have this immortal pen and I don't know how to kill it.

One Idea into 20 Pieces of Content

I've decided that the best thing to do to make the most of this situation is to come up with my own way to turn one idea into 20 pieces of content. It will be published on my content marketing blog on Friday. I figure that others might be interested in how to get the most of their good ideas and topics in content marketing while making lemonade out of lemons. I also fulfill my goal of providing more value to my clients, and can perhaps come up with ways to augment my services and be able to charge new clients for them in the future. I already need to improve them vastly with what I learned from the marketing agency book I just read. I have to do a lot of things, really.

However, I have taken my break and eaten more food and now I am energized. I am now getting more things while planning for tomorrow and making progress with client projects. I am motivated to get more things done, to read another chapter or two in the new content marketing book I am reading (and perhaps make progress on our Amnesty book club book), make plans, and design businesses processes. It's all the fun stuff you get to do when you have your own business and work from home and neat stuff like that.