November Content Marketing and Business Blogging News Roundup

business blogging newsAnother month, another roundup of content marketing and business blogging news. Not much has been happening over the past 30 days or so, as we had trouble finding enough meaty content to share with you (perhaps everyone is caught up with holidays coming up. Today is Veterans Day after all). Nonetheless, there is still great business blogging and content marketing content out there, and below is just a small bit of it.

12 Things Most Business Owners Will Never Understand about Marketing - EverythingPR -Great, great article! Essentially, since business owners are inherently marketers (unless perhaps he or she starts a marketing agency), there's not much they really understand about marketing, except that it needs to be done. How it should be done, how to measure success, and why marketing should be done, are all things that need to be outlined and well-argued for business owners.

How to Leverage News for Conversions: Practical Tips - Business2Community -Sometimes, you may blog or want to blog about the latest news in your industry. Sometimes, you could be the first to report on a piece of news, which is great for a number of reasons. However, the hard part can be leveraging your news content in the right way. Offering news that someone else has already said, with little to no additional insight or value of your own, isn't really a good idea.

21 Business Blogging Tips from the Pros - Social Media Examiner -We've shared business blogging tips from time to time, but we certainly don't know everything. This article has a great list of tips. Some of our favorites include "show your personality" (folks like it when you show a human side to your business blog) and "produce your own media content" (this means videos and photos, not just words).

How to Optimize Your Site for Search Without Actually Doing SEO - Entrepreneur -SEO may seem tricky because it seems like what you need to do is work with "the Google" and appease it as much as possible. However, appeasing isn't natural, and this article offers four great tips on how to do SEO in a natural, less "I'm doing this to make the search engines happy", type of way. Those ways include great content and social media sharing buttons.

Reality Check: How to Tell if Your Content Marketing is Actually Valuable - HubSpot - Excellent wake up call article. Content marketing isn't going to work for you if potential customers don't find it valuable and relevant to them. This article explains how to tell if its valuable while also showing you how to make your content more valuable.

What is the Best Time of Day to Send an Email (Infographic)? - - Yes, there actually is a best time of day to send an email. It would seem that there wouldn't be one, since most email is worthless and just clutters the inbox. However, that's not true, and if you're sending emails that contain valuable content (read the previous article to double check that), then you either want to send it late in the day or early in the morning, according to the infographic.

Tweeting Copyrighted Content? Now Everyone Will Know - Technorati - On the one hand, most news articles (from the mainstream media at least) and even blog posts are copyrighted content. On the other hand, it's not likely that sharing that sort of stuff will get you in trouble. There has been a change to Twitter's policy over the last week, and it's something that businesses ought to be aware of. Not only could someone complain about you for tweeting some of their wonderful copyrighted content, but you could complain about someone doing it to you. On top of that, if there is a complaint, it goes in your Twitter feed for all to see.