I Am On a Roll!

on a roll Today is wonderful Monday instead of a horrible Monday, but then again I work for myself and suffer from this crazy phenomenon where everyday is Saturday and Monday at the same time. I am often confused, as I could feel that I can sleep in but must make a few deadlines at the same time. I think I could have worse problems.

Anyway, today was a wonderful Monday because I decided it was going to be a wonderful Monday. I learned about the building across the street, and I think I've figured out that unless you take a round trip every single day of the month on the city bus, it's cheaper to pay the fare each time you ride than to buy the monthly pass. I think the public transportation system has the backwards.


I started working in my new coworking space today, as today is the space's soft opening. There's still a lot that needs to be done with the space, such as finishing the classroom area, bringing monitors for small meetings, getting a microwave (which turned into a fun lunch for me), and getting a few more people to work in the space. I'm excited to be back in a coworking space and I got up a 7 a.m. so I could be here at 9 a.m. and be incredibly productive today. Once this blog post is done, I'll have completed everything that I needed to do today, so I definitely was productive!

I should get up at 7 a.m. every day, because I get more done. Although, I do need to figure out breakfast. Breakfast is very important.

So.. Maybe Not Everything

Okay, I kind of cheated on the "getting everything done" because I do have one more article to write, but I can't write it because my client's website is down. I can't upload the article if I were to write it in Word (which actually isn't recommended because Word adds a lot of unnecessary code when you copy and paste from it to a blogging platform), and I have no idea when the problem will be fixed or even if my client knows about it. Knowing my client, this might take a few days despite its urgency.

Okay, I do also need to do those topics I keep talking about. Considering how much I got done today, I'll actually have some time to work on that tonight. I will make it a point at this moment to plan topics for the next seven days. This way, I won't spend any day of the next seven days having to write about my day or finding something interesting that happened to comment on. I'll have planned the topics. The topics will be awesome. The posts themselves will be incredible, and I will have that much less stress.

What I'm Going to Do Once I Go Home

I have many things to do once I finish this blog post and get home. The day is not yet over, so let's not waste it. Here's what I must (and totally will) do once I finish this and get home:

  • Come up with seven topics for the next seven days
  • Laundry
  • Make soup for dinner
  • Read a chapter of Half the Sky (I could actually start this on the bus ride home)
  • Play Wii (it counts as exercise. You'd know if you actually played)
  • Maybe more work?

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to drop by to the coworking space tomorrow or not. They are getting the microwave tomorrow, but I don't have anything to eat for lunch. But, I got lots of work done and had some fun today! I want to do that tomorrow. So... add to the above list, "think about tomorrow."