How I Managed to Get Everything Done Yesterday

getting things doneYesterday, I boasted about how I got everything done and the several things I planned to do once I got home. Although I failed to do one thing once I got home (I didn't quite read a whole chapter of Half the Sky, and yes, I did finally manage to come up with those seven topics), I feel that its worth really looking at what went right yesterday. I'd like to replicate the productivity, so here's how I think I managed to get everything done yesterday. This is according to my analysis and opinion, and isn't based on anything scientific.

Getting Up Early

This is something I need to turn into a habit, as I've gotten myself into the horrible habit of sleeping in and staying up too late. Not sure how or why it started, but it's actually something that's been getting worse and worse since the end of October. I'll be using my new office space at Lab1500 to help me with this, since I don't want to show up there in the afternoon, and it's much more comfortable (and work-friendly) to spend the whole day there than at a coffee shop.

Something I should also add into this mix is eating breakfast. It should also be a normal-sized, filling breakfast, not just a piece of fruit or a yogurt cup. A bowl of cereal would count. Waking up at 7 a.m. will not only give me more time to get things done (I'm finding that working into the evening is tough and tiring, despite only working and being away for so long) during the day, but also some time to eat breakfast.

Focus and Determination

Something that always helps is focus and determination, a will to get it all done and that it is possible to get it all done, while overcoming the stress of having a lot to do or not being able to get it all done. It can be tough, as it's easy to get distracted and to wallow in the burden of all that needs to get done. However, focusing on the task at hand makes a huge difference, as well as the commitment to finish these task today instead of pushing them off or creating an excuse as to why they weren't finished.

One of the things that I had to do yesterday was to write an article about a new startup and  discuss why its business model will succeed in a space where many previous startups have failed. It took a lot of energy to write because I didn't know anything about this startup and what others have said about it until I started the assignment, and I wanted to digest the information that was out there in order to write something original and though-provoking that didn't repeat what was already said. Took a lot of focus and determination to not only get that done, but to get that done in one day. I grant that it also helped I told the client I would have it finished by the next day, at the latest.

How Did I Do Today?

It's not going as well, primarily because of that getting up early problem I mentioned earlier. It still have two more blog posts to write and laundry to take down from the line. I could also finish that chapter I didn't finish yesterday. Perhaps I should make another "Things I Will Get Done List", just to hold myself accountable. Besides, my boyfriend is playing poker in the other room, which limits my options of distractions and procrastination. Here's what I'm going to do after I finish this post and before I go to bed:

  • Write tomorrow's blog post for Stirring Media
  • Write a blog post for a client
  • Take down the laundry from the line
  • At least finish chapter 2 in Half the Sky
  • Finish my goal plan for my business coach
  • Prepare a lunch for tomorrow

Now, I'm off!