How to Write Your Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy resized 600Less than five percent of organizations have a written content marketing strategy, even though companies want to increase their content marketing spending and feel as if they need to produce more content. Increasing spending and creating more content is futile without a content marketing strategy. Having one written down actually makes the whole content marketing thing that much easier. To get started, here's how to create and to write your content marketing strategy:

Content Marketing Strategy Components

We've previously written about the 5Ws and the H of content marketing strategy, which is a helpful resource in figuring out what a good content marketing strategy should entail. However, there are additional components and considerations that ought to be added to that list, such as:

  • Core Message - What's your brand all about? What is the overall big picture that you want your audience to have about your company? This is important because it drives the tone and the main point with every piece of content you produce. A whimsical brand is going to have a very different content marketing strategy from one of that is serious. A brand that considers itself to be traditional will not have the same tone as one that considers itself to be vogue or modern.
  • Editorial Calendar/Scheduled Updates - It's great that you know what you are going to write about, and how often, but part of the strategy is to keep to those topics and that schedule. If not, then you're just taking chances with content and not really engaging in content marketing. Scheduling your content and/or using an editorial calendar to keep the team on track and organized will do a lot in maintaining your strategy and in helping you to succeed.
  • Growth Management - Let's say that your business blog takes off and you now have over 1000 subscribers. What are you going to do with them? Are you going to try and to convert them into leads with other lead gen content? Are you going to try and have them follow you brand on social media? Do you need to keep them happy and engaged by publishing more often? Your content marketing strategy needs to having something in there that outlines what to do with growth. If you have more and more people reading your content, you may need to vary what you write about, or to produce more of it, or create different kinds of content so as to keep your increasingly varied audience engaged with your brand.
  • Room for Adjustment - You're not writing this strategy in stone, so make sure to think about factors that would cause your strategy to change. For example, if the needs of your potential customers, or their interests in how they receive your content, changes, then your strategy would need to change as well. Other examples of shifts include social media changes, Google algorithm changes, competitor behavior, writer changes, and keyword research and analysis updates.

Now, Get it Into Writing

The opening statistics presumes that most organizations have a content marketing strategy already, whether it was discussed previously or is in the heads of the content marketers or whatever. Now, it's time to get it into writing and put it in a document that can be shared, circulated, read, and kept on file. This makes it easier to guide freelancers and new employees in the type of content the company wants to produce. This also helps the executives and employees outside of marketing to understand what the company is doing with its content and what to facilitate the brand message.