How to Do Content Marketing Article Roundup

content marketingThis week, we're going to try something new and to create a series of roundup posts containing articles on a certain topic. Today's example is a roundup of the best articles we have specifically about how to do content marketing, or some aspect of content marketing. We revisited our 101 blog post ideas list for blog post ideas, and this is a blog post idea on our list that we haven't tried yet. Enjoy! The 5Ws (and H) of a Content Marketing Strategy - Great content is only half the story. Businesses need a content marketing strategy that will amplify great content and provide results that matter.

How the Buying Process Affects Your Content Marketing - Each customer goes through a buying process before making a final purchase. Find out how to align the process with your content marketing strategy.

Using Squidoo as Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy - Squidoo can be a great addition to your content marketing strategy, and would position yourself ahead of the competition.

How a New Company Should Get Started with Content Marketing - Are you a new company considering content marketing, or need a content marketing strategy? Here's how to get started in both.

5 Content Marketing Lessons to Be Learned from Mythbusters - What can the hit TV show Mythbusters teach you about content marketing? Here are five lessons you can take away today!

How to Write Your Content Marketing Strategy - Do you have a content marketing strategy? Is it written down? If not, here's how to get that done and why it's important.

Why We Need to Keep the Old Rules of Content Marketing - More than ever, content marketing and communication needs a standardization of spelling and grammar.

Content is King, and There's Never Too Much of It - Is there such a thing as 'too much content'? Have consumers had it with content marketing? I don't think so, and here's why.

In Content Marketing, Please Respond When Customers Do So - The goal of content marketing and social media is engagement. So, why aren't companies engaging when their customers do?

Company Products, Services, and Features Make Dull Content - Is your content not engaging customers? Perhaps the problem is that your talking about company products and services instead of customer pain points.

Good Content Writers are Cheaper than Good Link Builders. Not. - If content marketing is better than link building, shouldn't it be more expensive? Shouldn't a content writer be paid as a professional who delivers?

4 Content Marketing Ideas You Probably Never Thought Of - It's always tough to come up with quality content in content marketing. Here are a few content marketing ideas that you probably never thought of!

Consumers Like Companies that Engage in Content Marketing - Guess what? Consumers like companies that engage in content creation and content marketing. Here's why.

Don't Share Your Competitor's Content - It's okay to share content, but when content marketing, try not to share your competitor's video or whitepaper.

Additionally Common Troublesome Words for Content Creators - There's lots of little words that trip us up in content creation. Here are some basic rules of language to get you started and to clear the air.

Homonyms and Frequently Misunderstood Words for Content Creators - What's the difference between "effect" and "affect? Except versus accept? This rules of language list of misunderstood words should help.

Writing's Tough, or Why Content Marketing Services are a Good Idea - Is creating remarkable content tough for you? We understand, and our content marketing services can help.