How to Blog: Including a Photo

how to blog including a photoIt's one of the easiest things to do when writing a business blog post, but it's one a lot of business blogs don't do. Including a photo, although it has nothing to do with the actual writing of the business blog post, adds visual appeal, an additional SEO opportunity, and makes your post a little less boring. Learning how to blog involves more than writing the post, but in working with the multimedia aspects as well. It seems so obvious, yet many small business aren't taking the time to include a photo with each blog post.

There's no excuse for this either. With tools like Dreamstime, a small business can easily find free stock photos that can be incorporated into every blog post. Creative Commons is another good choice to finding free photos. Just make sure to give credit where credit to the person who took the photo. Plus, if you end up utilizing a photo for every post, you'll have a great collection of photos to use, and will waste less and less time in the long run looking for relevant photos when you can just pull from the collection.

Photos are enticing and welcoming to readers, making your post a little more interesting and worth reading than just text does. A photo also acts as one more way to inform the reader of what the article is about, while also conveying emotion. Imagine if our magazines and newspapers didn't come with any photos. We wouldn't want to read them, and your readers will feel the same about your blog if you never have any photos.

Most importantly, adding a photo (or two or three) is one more opportunity for some SEO. Search engines may not be able to see the photo, but search engines definitely consider captions, titles, and descriptions when performing their crawl. Including a photo gives the search engine one more thing to crawl, and one more way to consider your post or blog relevant to that specific keyword.

There's essentially no reason why you shouldn't be including photos to your blog posts. There's so much benefit to them, even if they just give the reader something pleasant to look at. Something pleasant to look at is one more reason for a reader to read your post.