Content Marketing Tech Tool of the Week: Google Insights

Google Insights content marketingI've featured a few Google tools as Content Marketing Tech Tools of the Week, and this week is no different. This week's tool will compliment my previous discussion on keywords by providing additional information on keyword synonyms, and which variations are trending. This tool is not only helpful in choosing a proper business blog post idea, but also providing the optimum keyword variations that may be better for optimization and content creation. Introducing: Google Insights. With Google Insights you can look into specific search patterns regarding a keyword of phrase. As an example, I typed in "construction industry" since I do have to do an article on that later today. The very bottom of the results are what I'm most interested in, since that tells me which variations of the keyword are currently the most popular, and which ones are rising in popularity. This information is invaluable, since I can now optimize the article I'm going to write with keywords that are popular, or rising in popularity.

Google Insights also helps me find some of those long-tailed keywords. Those are those key phrases that often aren't as competitive, but if done right, could be the keywords that drive traffic to your website. For the construction industry example, judging from my results, I might end up going with "building construction industry" and "construction industry growth". Those are longer keywords that are popular, but also fit nicely with the article I am planning to write.

Overall, Google Insights provides the insight into search engine optimization necessary in order to make sure that the keywords you plan to use in your business blogging content are successful. The results also update regularly, so it's also a good place in making sure that the keywords you've implemented a year ago are still working for you. If they aren't, you can easily see with this week's Content Marketing Tech Tool of the Week which ones you ought to be using instead.