Business Blogging Tips: Why Small Businesses Need to Blog Often

business blogging tips To be found online, to boost search engine rankings, to generate leads, a small business needs to blog. With over 60 percent of businesses blogging, a small business can no longer afford NOT to blog. Business blogging tip: if you're not blogging, it's likely that your competitor is blogging. That competitor is getting found online and genrating leads, while you're wondering why you're brochureware website isn't getting the same results.

But, it isn't enough to belog, or to have a blog. You need to blog OFTEN. How often is often? Two times a week, minimum. Not once a week, and certainly not once a month. At that rate, you minus well not have have a blog at all. Two times a week is blogging. Two times a week, minimum, is what it takes for a small business to see some results.

Companies that blog get 55% more web traffic. Over 50% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog. The more often you blog, the more pages you are creating. The more pages you have, the higher you rank on Google AND the more chances someone has of finding you online (each page can count as a separate result, meaning each post can be found on its own, as well as the blog itself). The more pages you have, the more web visitors you can get. The more web visitors you get, the more customers you can get.

But, in order to get all that, you have to blog often. I've come across too many small businesses who think that blogging once a week, every other week is enough. I've come across too many small businesses who think there should be results after four blog posts. I've come across too many small businesses who don't want to blog unless they'll appear the top of search engine results. That's just not how business blogging works. You need to blog often in order to be at the top of search engine results, not the other way around. You need to have about 50 blog posts before you see that substantial increase in web traffic and a significant ROI to the blogging. If you blog once every other week, it will take you two years before you reach that 50 post mark! If blogging twice a week, then it will only take you six months to reach 50 posts, presuming that you are starting from scratch.

This is why all our business blogging services involve a minimum of two posts per week. If unsure of how business blogging can fit into your content marketing strategy, then perhaps a FREE website assessment will help better determine your needs. Sign up for your assessment below: