5 Great Reasons for a Business to Business Blog

business to business blogIt should be a no-brainer by now that small businesses should have a blog and that small businesses should be blogging often. Even B2B companies can get a lot of benefit from having their own business to business blog, and blogging often. Here are five great reasons why B2B companies should have a B2B blog:

  1. It's a Container for Marketing Content - Content marketing isn't just some trend or passing fancy. Each piece of content is now a marketing asset, collateral for your to build thought leadership and to generate leads. A business to business blog is just a nice cozy place to keep that content.
  2. It's More for the Search Engines - Every blog post is one more chance to get found online. Every blog post is one more change to rank for a keyword. It's one more chance to earn an inbound link, and to be shared on social networks. With the new Google search changes that emphasize social network results, every blog post is now one more way to fill up Google +.
  3. It's How Businesses Get Found - A whopping 89% of people do research online before making a purchasing decision. Consider your blog as a gateway to your website to where your products and services. are. If they like what they read, then they may be interested in what you sell.
  4. It's a Way to Educate - When all those people are online doing research, they are looking for information to move them through the buying process. A business to business blog is a great way to move people through the buying process, offering the information they specifically are looking for when purchasing your product or service.
  5. It's About the Web Visitors - The rest of your website is about you, and what you offer, and how great you are. The business to business blog is the one place that's about the web visitors, addressing their needs and answering their questions. It's the place to build trust with these people and to think about what problems your readers have that you could possibly solve.
If anything, a business to business blog is a reason for people to visit your site, and to keep coming back. It's way to keep things current and fresh on your website, something that both search engines and human enjoy. If you think you shouldn't have a blog because no one will read it, consider the fact that no one will read a blog that doesn't exist.
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