4 Quick Ways to Increase the Visibility of Your Press Releases

content marketing strategyPRWeb. PrLog. PR.com. I-Newswire. All provide press release distribution services, and distrubtie hundreds of press releases every day. If press releases are part of your content marketing strategy, how do you make them stand out? How do you ensure that your press releases are getting the views you want? Here are five quick ways to improve the visibility of your press releases, and improve the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy:

  1. Post the Press Release on Your Website (but not your blog) - Press releases don't have to be a one-and-done piece of content. Create a "News" or "Latest News" page on you website, and repost your press releases there. Or, better yet, create an online media kit and include your most recent press releases. Posting them on your website no only imporves the visibility of your website on search engines, but recent press releases tell your web visitors that you're a company that's making news and getting things done.
  2. Target One or Two Keyphrases - First, target keyphrases instead of keywords because they have less competition, and they are more likely to generate traffice that's actually interested in your press release. Second, by targeting just one or two keyphrases, you're more likely to write a press release that engages the search engines as well as the readers. Third, it's much easier to integrate one or two keywords into the headline, subhead, and leade sentence instead of four or five.
  3. Include a Photo or Video- Photos are the number one factor that positively influences both views of your press releases and engagement with them. Research shows that either will get your press release more views than a press release that has neither. It's one more way to have your press release engage readers and journalists.
  4. Keep It Newsworthy - Press releases are also called news releases for a reason. They're supposed to be about something 'new', like a new hire, a new product, a new accomplishment, a new training program etc. If your press release is just about how great your company is, or something that isn't even new, then it won't get any visibility. As an FYI, a website isn't news. Marketing isn't news. A new phone number or company name change isn't news.

Press releases can become a vital part of a content marketing strategy, but should be treated like the content that will end up on your blog or in your ebook. Make sure that it will engage readers, and offer something informative and educational instead of just being advertising or promotional material.

Another important aspect of press releases is the headlines. If you want a little help with headlines, then check out the ultimate checklist to writing great blog article headlines. Yes, blog articles and press releases aren't the same, but there's still a thing or two that can apply to your press releases: