3 Obvious Ways to Promote Your Landing Pages

landing pageRegardless of your lead generation offer, a landing page is necessary to create interest and to draw in potential customers. Of course, simply tossing up a landing page for the offer doesn't ensure traffic or conversions. In order for the landing page to become active, searchable and easily found by those who don't know about the page or the offer you've created, it is necessary to utilize several different features and techniques to ensure search engines, social media and other sources direct potential customers towards your offer. Keywords and Information

Landing pages need to have specific information regarding the offer, whether its an ebook, webinar, whitepaper, tip sheet etc. Instead, limited information is often good here, as it provides a straightforward overview, plus the specific keywords help improve the search engine optimization. The more specific the keywords regarding the offer, the better, as general keywords have more search results and force your landing page to compete with millions of other pages sharing the same keywords.

Social Media

Social media is a driving force behind many of the latest successful marketing campaigns. These social media websites provide something not available through the older, traditional methods of advertising and marketing: key demographic factors. Chances are, you have a very good idea at the kind of individual who is interested in your website, product or other service. You probably know the age group, gender and current likes and dislikes of someone who might find your produced content interesting. Traditional forms of advertising forced you into either mass publicity, or paying for a large print or commercial where millions of people might see the information, but only a few hundred might actually find it interesting. This is an incredible waste of money and resources. Social media, on the other hand, allows you to input the desired demographic into your campaign advertisement information when creating the ad, so your created information only appears along the pages of users who match the criteria. This way, you don't pay for useless views, but only clicks by people who are far more likely to actually benefit from your offer.


Blogging is a great way to share and to spread information, to generate interest and bring in more viewers, so it is an excellent place to share and to showcase your landing page and lead gen offer. Blogging does take time to build up an audience, and there really is no guarantee you'll make any kind of money off the blogging services (only a handful of bloggers are able to completely support themselves, without holding other positions and work), but it does build links back to your landing page, which improves its search engine optimization.

All offers must have some sort of a landing page, but simply tossing a page online doesn't make it easily found. Specific techniques must be utilized to help it out. Generating interest in your offer is very important, and without a landing page this practice is just not possible. You need to have a well designed in bout marketing platform created to support the information, focusing specifically on a landing page and social media utilization.

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