Why You Should Have a Blog for 2013

why you should have a blogThe first week of 2013 is almost over. How are you coming on your New Year's resolutions for your business or your job? Hopefully, you at least have one and have outlines how you are going to meet your resolution. If you don't have one, then here's one you can get started on: having an awesome business blog, if you don't already have an awesome business blog. It's not too late, so here's why you should have a blog for 2013:

Only 55% of Small Businesses Have a Blog

If you're in that 45% that doesn't yet have a blog, then here are two reasons why this statistic from Business2Community should mean something to you. First, this could mean that your competitor is already blogging, whether that competitor is a small business or a large enterprise. This puts your business at a huge disadvantage, as your competitor is blogging and getting found online, answering customer questions, and providing value that you're not. By starting a business blog this year, you'll at least put yourself on a level playing field.

Second, the fact that barely half of small businesses are blogging means that as a small business, you can really position yourself locally as a thought leader. Even though the Internet reaches an international audience, nothing says that you can't blog for your customers who live down the block, or like the fact that you are a native business. This statistic means that your neighbors may not be blogging, and some local attention can't hurt, right?

It Gives You Something to Share on Social Media

When sharing things on Facebook and Twitters, it's important to follow the 50/50 rule: half of what you share is your own stuff, while the other half is stuff from other people. The latter half isn't all the tough to find, but without a blog, how do you fulfill the first 50 percent? Sharing 100% of other people's stuff doesn't position you as a thought leader, and only directs potential customers away from your online presence to someone else's. Use social media to drive traffic and engagement by sharing your blog posts, and encouraging people to read, share and comment on your work. Your blog posts also beat sharing your home page, product pages, or contact pages, which are all incredibly boring, yet overly promotional.

Blogging Generates Leads (If You Do It Right)

Of course, if you only blog about your products and services and the fact that the company will be attending a trade show this weekend, then your blog won't generate any leads. Your potential customers don't care so much about the trade show or what you sell. You're also not going to generate leads if you don't have a call-to-action at the end of the blog, and even something as simple as asking the reader to subscribe to your blog counts and can make a difference. Do both of those things, and you are sure to see your new blog generating some leads.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 B2B buyers say when they are ready to make a purchase, they will find a vendor? 81% use search, 59% look for peer recommendations, and 41% read content from “thought leaders." Business blogging will help with all three avenues!

Blogging Demonstrates Commitment and Passion

Who wants to do business or make purchases from a company that doesn't have any commitment or passion? Who wants to work with a business that doesn't take the time to update its online presence? No one! Blogging actually does both, while showing off the personality of the company and a face or two behind the business. All of that is something that potential customers are interested in, and all of that goes beyond simply making a sale or thinking of your customers as transactions.

Don't wait too long, or else you'll get caught up in the day-to-day operations of your business and forget all about blogging. Start the commitment today!

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