Why I Still Draft on Paper for My Business Blogging

business blogging draftingThere's something inspiring about taking the pencil (must be pencil, preferably a soft lead) to paper. I find a sense of freedom in drafting on an open page in a spiral bound notebook (I don't like using the backs, but I keep all the notebooks, so I save paper, right?)

Anyway, I like writing the old fashion way. Depending on the project, typing it up on the computer seems like too much of a commitment to that first write up, and that can lead to writer's block. On paper, it's easier to go with the flow; skip around if the conclusion comes to me before the beginning, or if I think of a new point I'd like to squish in there.

The notebook is also more flexible than the laptop (ironic, I know). I can compose a blog post or get started on some web copy as I play a game of poker. Poker is another long story, reserved for a later post or newsletter. The main point is that I don't play every hand, so I have more time to write than you would think. The notebook also frees up the computer for research, or keyword ideas. My laptop is an ancient being. The less it does at one time the better.

The best part about dealing with notebooks is that I have about 10 of them, from two different countries, in my possession. it's nice to give them a new purpose in life.