We Are Finally Launching our Online Magazine: Two's Company

Stirring Media LLCOn June 4, Allison Midori Reilly and Stirring Media, LLC will be launching Two's Company, an online magazine geared towards freelancers, solopreneurs, and microbusinesses. As one of the premier online publications serving this niche, Two's Company will be covering news and resources in finance, productivity, marketing, and technology. The reason for this magazine launch is two fold: to serve a community that's currently underserved by current publications, and to test possible solutions to the present crisis facing news and publishing organizations. We believe the reader to be the customer of news, and whether that news is political, business, sports, or green living, the best quality products and services ought to be delivered to our customers.

Freelancers, solopreneurs and microbusinesses may be working for themselves, but success doesn't come from working alone. Two's Company will be dedicated toward being that news and resource hub to achieve success. In less than a month, we will begin offering the news and resources that's most important and most needed.

If interested in submitting articles and news tips for possible publication, please send them to pressreleases@stirringmediallc.com.

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