The Week Ahead

calendarI'm looking forward to this coming week, aren't you? I have a feeling I'm going to accomplish a lot this week, as according to the latest issue of Inc Magazine, progress has a huge impact on someone's motivation, even if it's incremental progress. I feel like I'm making progress this whole month and poised to continue making progress. So, I'm very motivated.

Goal for the Week: One New Customer

For the first three weeks of the new year, I got three new customers! I really want to make four for four, I'm going to be extra aggressive with my marketing this week by applying to a lot of gigs and improving my letters of introduction. I'm also going to continue improving my website by fixing my web pages and making changes to my lead generation forms. I also plan to finish one piece of lead generation content this week, so I'm not worried about generating leads.

Tomorrow is Monday

It may be Martin Luther King Jr. Day tomorrow, but many of us (myself included) are still working. It's actually going to be a really good day to get a lot of administrative stuff done, such as:

  • Delegate some client work
  • Write a blog post for a client
  • Fix my letter of introduction, as mentioned
  • Send three of those letters
  • Make sure client Facebook pages are abiding by best practices (HubSpot just came out with a really cool Facebook infographic, of which I will follow)
  • Decide on topic ideas for my content marketing goals
  • Find more topics for this blog
  • Finish by business blogging tip sheet (that lead generation content I mentioned)
  • Update those lead gen forms
  • Write a blog post for this blog

Look at all the wonderful things I get to do! I am stoked. My business is awesome and getting even more awesome by the day.

Speaking of a New Customer...

While writing this post, one of the gigs I applied to on Friday got back to me this evening. They're willing to give me try writing blog posts on topics related to productivity, but their per-article fee is lower than I would normally charge or accept. The site looks reputable, dedicating to providing great articles in the workplace, employment niche (a niche that I am very interested in). I could easily get my one customer for the week even before the week has started, but I'm not sure if the fee is worth my time and I'm not sure if this is work that I would like to delegate to a contractor. I will have to think about this for a day or two.


Tuesday is going to be another busy day. I have to run some errands (errands that I can't do on Monday because of the holiday), get some client work done, make plans with another client about their work and website, and attend my Amnesty International letter writing meeting that night. Here's the specific rundown:

  • Follow up with three letters of introduction
  • Go to the bank
  • Go the the post office
  • Write a blog post about why you should outsource your recruiting functions
  • Blog post about virtual office myths
  • Blog post about why CEOs should be on social media
  • Thirty minute call with client about the work for his site
  • Preparing social media and promotions for said client
  • Possibly a blog post on something relating to identity theft. I need this client to approve blog post ideas before I can work on them.

When it's put that way, it doesn't seem all that busy and difficult. The meeting is going to be extra fun because it happens a great coffee shop that has a creme brulee latte. It's delicious! Plus, afterward, I get to watch the latest PBS Frontline on why no one has been charged with anything regarding the financial crisis. Are we going to hold anyone accountable for it?