Two Hours Left in the Day

nothing to write about Arrgh! I have two hours left in the day and I have no idea what to write about! I only planned up until yesterday in my editorial calendar, as I blanked on ideas. I've also be blank for the past 30 minutes or so as I tried to come up with something to write about. I've scanned Pinterest and come up with nothing. Came up with an idea earlier today but I'm no longer interested in that idea. Kind of scanned Twitter, but only managed finally to disable to mobile connection between Twitter and my phone. I've gotten tired of it making noise every 10 minutes because someone tweeted or because some people I follow have an automatic response when you follow them.

Finishing this Before Poker

I need to get something done within the next 48 minutes, as I have a poker tournament starting in 48 minutes. Friday is my poker night, as I am working on improving my multi-table tournament abilities in preparation for a big live tournament in mid-April. I want to do well, and my MTT success is nowhere near what I do in sit-n-gos. It's tougher to manage a full ring for a longer period of time, with blinds still rising. It would seem like you are supposed to play tighter for a lot longer, but all of sudden you can't do that when you only have 10 blinds left. But, running hot early can't be the only viable strategy out there. I am studying and practicing to find another way to win (or at least make the money so I have some success rate).

Running with Each Thought

In the sixth grade, it was our homework to write for 10 minutes every day. Sometimes, we got a chance to write in class, and when we couldn't think of anything to write about, our teacher suggested to write about whatever came to mind and to go with that. No filtering, no questions asked, as it was writing time and you were supposed to be writing. I hated it, and would sometimes cheat by writing a short poem because there wasn't a length requirement. But, we did have to show something each day because people were assigned to be homework monitors each week and would check to see if we did our homework. It's funny that I hated the writing then, because I write for a living now. But, at least I get write by choice in that I chose do it for a living, and for the most part I do get to choose what I write about.

Almost Done!

I have 36 minutes left, and I so close to complying with all the rules of this study. This whole thing won't be about doing enough to get by. I'm just doing that for today since it's Friday and I went blank and I don't want to waste my blog post going over what I did today. That's boring. No one cares what I did today, except perhaps the coffee shop/general story I went to this evening. I went there for a cup of coffee, and left with about $25 of snacks. I couldn't help myself, as they had a whole bunch of vegan snacks that looked delicious. So, they would care that I showed up, because I gave them more business than I intended.

Well, that wasn't so bad. Although, I didn't say anything cohesive or groundbreaking. However, not one of the blogging case study rules (I do need to add a few more, which I intend to do this weekend, perhaps tomorrow). Is this post of value? That's debatable. At the very least I would say that it's not boring.