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Blogging and SEO: 3 Places To Include Links to Your Blog Posts

blogging and seoWe all know that inbound links are great, and that inbound links are one of the benefits of business blogging. A good way to increase the number of links to your blog posts is with internal links, links to your blog posts from other pages on your site. Of course, you can do this by including links to your blog posts on other posts with related link or links within the text. Or, you can include links to relevant and/or popular blog posts on other pages on your site. Here are three places you can include links to your blog posts:

Product/Service Pages

First of all, every single one of your products and/or services should have their own page (it helps with SEO), so if you don't have that then you should do that. Second, each product and service page can have three relevant blog posts at the bottom. It's a way to give prospects additional resources regarding that specific product/service. It's also one more way to keep prospects engaged with your brand while visiting your site. Third, if you're running short on blog post ideas, come up with two or three that would complement each product or service that you offer, and write those posts just so that you can include them on the page. Placing internal links on your product and/or service pages can increase traffic to those blog posts and give those specific posts additional exposure.

The About Us Page

Although your blog posts shouldn't be strictly about your company, your corporate blog is a crucial part of your brand and who you are as a company. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to include a few blog posts on your About Us page. This can be an RSS feed of your latest posts, or perhaps a list of your most popular or your best posts. It might not seem like something those who visit this page would be interested in seeing, but it doesn't hurt to include the links, and people can't visit your blog from this page if you don't include links to the blog posts.

On Thank You Pages

Once your web visitors download something from you, it's great if you can keep them engaged. An excellent way to do that is to include blog posts on your thank you pages. It adds something to the page (this way it's not just text that says 'thank you' and a link to the download and a link back to your home page) while also offering the newly converted lead additional resources to read and to consider.

Now, if you don't have thank you pages, like this one for our free 30-minute consultation, for every single one of your lead generation offers, then that's something you need to work on first. It's much more snazzy then something that just says, "thank you for your interest" or "thank you for your information."

Having a business blog is great, but if you don't make it easy for visitors to find your blog posts, then it'll be that much tougher to bring traffic to your awesome content. There are many more places to amplify your blog content then through email or through social media. Including them in strategic places throughout your website can make a difference.

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